Our 2017 — 2018 Season
continues with…

March 29 — April 8, 2018
Sex with Strangers
by Laura Eason
Directed by Tony Prince
Eason’s erotic comedy explores complex issues of romance and identity in a world in which our online selves and our physical selves may not be quite the same.
May 24 — June 3, 2018
The Fastest Clock in the Universe
by Philip Ridley
Directed by Tony Prince
Rarely performed in the United States, this dark comedy is considered a contemporary classic in Britain, twenty-five years after it shocked London audiences in 1992. Thirty-year-old Cougar Glass is celebrating his 19th birthday…again. Captain Tock is throwing the party, and the only invited guests are Foxtrot Darling and octogenarian Cheetah Bee. The unexpected appearance of Foxtrot’s girlfriend Sherbet Gravel throws a wrench into the works and hilarity and tragedy ensue.
Tickets are $20 in advance or $22 day of show.
To purchase tickets call 502-553-8056 or Purchase Online.